The lyrics for the songs Tom has written or recorded are now on-line. See the alphabetical list of song titles.

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Stand Tif
Sit Tiff

Demand Performance  Double CD
Self-Propelled Music ASM107D (2020)

Poles Part Too:
                    The Song Goes On Poles Part Too: The Song Goes On
Self-Propelled Music ASM106D (2011)
360 All Points of
                    the Compass 360 All Points of the Compass
Borealis Records BCD156 (2003)
Poles Apart Poles Apart
Self-Propelled Music ASM105D (2001)
Mixed Cargo Mixed Cargo
Borealis Records BCD116 (1999)
Tinker, Tailor,
                    Soldier, Singer! Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor, Singer!
Self-Propelled Music ASM104D (1995)
                    Waves Making Waves
Self-Propelled Music ASM103D (1992)
Sea-Dog, See
                    Dog! Sea-Dog, See Dog!
Rounder Records FF90547 (1990)
Surfacing Surfacing
Self-Propelled Music ASM101D (1987)

Surfacing, Poles Apart, 360 Degrees and Demand Performance are all manufactured in environmentally-friendly cardboard packaging. The Song Goes On uses "TronPak", a piece of cutting-edge cardboard technology which can be entertainingly viewed at