Songs and Lore of the Sea

Photo: Entertaining the children, by Lindsay McLeod
Photo: Lindsay McLeod

(A program for young people)

Tom does not bill himself as a "Children's Performer" but he certainly is a skilled and entertaining presenter of his program for Elementary School students.

SONGS AND LORE OF THE SEA is "...enlightening, enjoyable, interactive entertainment. This is 'holistic' education!" - Doug Masters (Principal) New Germany Elem. School, Nova Scotia.

"You were a fantastically enthusiastic highly professional performer and all the schools thoroughly enjoyed your workshop performances." - Anne Bull (Principal) Weston All Saints Primary School, Bath, UK.

What Tom presents is truly unique! He is the only ex-sailor in North America dealing with the traditions and lore of The Age of Sail, making them come alive, demonstrating their transition to the present day and explaining their current relevance. Combine this with a warm, colourful character and a rich,richard mille replica compelling voice and you have a classroom program full of musical, historical and social significance engaging every attendee, capturing the imagination and interest of students and staff alike.

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