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There may be others posted to youtube - these are just the ones we have managed to corrall into one place. If you have uploaded a video of Tom and would like us to add it to his youtube page, please drop us a line.

Message In The Bottle

A whole quarter of a century before David Attenborough's BLUE PLANET II arrived, this song - occasioned by a visit to a seemingly pristine beach in Mexico - was my take on the problem of our 'throwaway civilization' and 'global pollution'. I'd love to say that times have changed and things are better but; sadly; only one of those statements is true. Listen to Message In The Bottle here.

Tom Lewis

Radio Interview

Tom was interviewed on CKUA (Calgary) by Tom Coxworth, host of the long-running FOLK ROUTES programme. Here are the three segments of the show with the two "Tom"s in conversation, interspersed by songs from all over the "Folk map".

Folk Routes February 19, 2012 Segment 1

Folk Routes February 19, 2012 Segment 2

Folk Routes February 19, 2012 Segment 3

Fair Winds and a Following Sea

Here's a song you may want to use to say farewell to a friend. Please help yourself and either learn and sing the song, or play it, whenever/wherever/however you wish. There are no royalties applicable, or desired.

Fairwinds is now available on The Song Goes On CD (with Qftry), but is also available here for free download.

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