Poles Part Too
The jacket for this CD is on the cutting-edge of "all-cardboard" technology. It's so new that this is first time it has been used in Canada. Would you believe it? We're right up there with bands like MOBY and OK GO … sort of! To watch it working, just go to www.youtube.com/watch?v=FK4ye6AzmfQ and get ready to smile.

CD manufacturing services provided by RDR Music of Toronto. Thanks Trudy … no one does this stuff better.

The Song Goes On

Self-Propelled Music. ASM106D (2011)
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Opening with a stunning new arrangement of CYRIL TAWNEY's iconic Grey Funnel Line (popularized in a superb version by The Silly Sisters), travelling through calypsos to "work" shanties and songs from John Fogerty and The Kingston Trio; if this is the new direction of nautical song, be prepared to hang on tight(ly)! The compilation concludes with Mick Ryan's anthemic paean to the singing giants upon whose shoulders we all stand (The Song Goes On), and QFTRY's superbly innovative harmonic adaptation of an older Tom Lewis song (Swallow The Anchor).

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  1. listen to sample Grey Funnel Line (Cyril Tawney) The iconic anthem from the man who “invented” Contemporary Nautical Song.
  2. listen to sample Passage To Grimsby (Trad.) A light-hearted , rollicking song; “collected” from the early repertoire of the late, great Johnny Collins.
  3. listen to sample Bimini (B. Olofson / M. Mark McIntyre) The Kingston Trio could really pick great, fun songs. They definitely blazed a trail worth following.
  4. listen to sample Spanish Ladies (Trad.) I remember hearing this tune being used as the theme for a radio series: “Green Sailors” broadcast on BBC Radio’s: “Children’s Hour”; circa 1952.
  5. listen to sample Fair Winds – and a Following Sea (Tom Lewis) Saying “Goodbye” can be a sad occasion … but it doesn’t always need to be.
  6. listen to sample Proud Mary (John Fogerty) Another iconic song, from the world of American “inland waterways”.
  7. listen to sample San Francisco Bay Blues (Jesse Fuller) Far from a classic “blues”, nonetheless this is a heartfelt plea for another chance at love.
  8. listen to sample All Coiled Down (C. Fox-Smith / A. Fitzsimmons) From the pen of Cicely Fox Smith, this is her poem: “So Long”; set to a tune by Liverpool’s Alan Fitzsimmons.
  9. listen to sample Anchor Song (Rudyard Kipling / Peter Bellamy) Written in the reign of Queen Victoria; Kipling evokes an earlier era, and Peter Bellamy perfectly matches the spirit.
  10. listen to sample The Last Shanty (T. Lewis) That so many people know this song gladdens my heart.
  11. listen to sample Pay Me My Money Down (Trad.) Originally from the singing of stevedores around the Georgia Sea Islands, I hear the relevance of unions whenever I sing this.
  12. listen to sample The Song Goes On (Mick Ryan) Sing in crowds … sing in your bathroom … but SING; and never forget “we stand on the shoulders of giants”.
  13. listen to sample Swallow The Anchor (T. Lewis) I’m hugely complimented that my Polish friends wanted to record this version.