Payment Options

You can purchase all of Tom's CDs, and his songbook, directly from him (with the exception of Making Waves and Seadog, See Dog, which are only available as digital downloads from Bandcamp) by any of the methods listed below. Tom is always happy to chat with you, but please remember that he is now on UK time and you might want to check his tour schedule to see if he is likely to be at home.

CDs 10.00  Demand Performance (double CD) 12.00 plus shipping
Songbooks 25.00 plus shipping
and Handling
 Please contact Tom for shipping costs - you will be charged whatever our mailing costs are from Ireland
by Mail Tom Lewis, 90 Tara Marina, Knockvicar, Boyle, Co. Roscommon F52 F510 Ireland
by E-mail
by Telephone UK 07913-907303 or IRELAND 085-267-1164
Orders UK 07913-907303 or IRELAND 085-267-1164
by PayPal You can send funds to Tom's email address via Paypal. You don't need a PayPal account to do this.

by Digital Download Bandcamp now handling our digital downloads. Demand Performance (double album) is priced at $10.50 US. All others $8.50 US. Please note - if you are in Europe, Bandcamp will add 20% VAT to the cost of your download (which goes to the government - not to us!!)
Borealis Records You can purchase some other wonderful Canadian folk music recordings from Borealis Records.