Sea-Dog, See Dog!

Sea-Dog, See Dog!

No longer available in CD, but you can still have these great songs - and the story of BUNTS - via digital download. BUNTS is also now available as a live track on the Demand Performance CD.

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Sea-Dog, See Dog! includes the 12 songs listed below, with the liner notes shown.

Click on listen to sample to listen to a sample of the song. Click on the song title to see the lyrics.

  1. listen to sampleThe Captain's Lady  Most 'Men of the Sea' have two, quite distinct, personalities. This is not any overt form of dishonesty -- simply one way of coping with a way of life barely comprehended by landlubbers. (Or as we would refer to them: 'Civvies'!)
  2. listen to sampleChicken on a Raft. Another of Cyril Tawney's unique epistles. I am indebted to my producer—William Pint—for this innovative arrangement!
  3. listen to sampleA Whaler's Tale. With both lyric and melody Ken Graydon evokes, with great authenticity, the ambiance of a curious 19th century whaling voyage. Audemars Piguet Replica Watches
  4. listen to sampleThe Big Fella'. Rod Shearman is a retired 'Merchantman' who plied the run to The Antipodes for many years. Like most mariners, Rod is no marine biologist, nor yet a cetacean expert. Rod and his ilk fondly referred to any and all whales they spied as: BIG FELLAS!
  5. listen to sampleSafe Harbour (for a Storm-Tossed Heart). This song is dedicated to all those people who are (like myself) not on their first, but on their final, 'turn around the buoy'.
  6. listen to sampleDoc "Lemon". The facts behind this tale were related to me by Michael Jackson -- a 'young salt' in his sixties; and Markandrew Cardiff showed me how the story ended!
  7. listen to sampleSnap the Line Tight. This paean of survival in the West Coast fishing industry is mirrored in the CBC television series: The Beachcombers. For me the power of the song lies in the attention it draws to the logging practices of some of the 'corporate buccaneers' whose government sanctioned clearcutting is leaving vast areas of British Columbia denuded!
  8. listen to sampleDown Where the Drunkards Roll. Powerful and enigmatic may be applied with equal justification to this song, and to its composer. It bears echoes of Stan Hugill's descriptions in 'Sailortown'.
  9. listen to sampleNorth to Callao Sailor-John's ideal, final, paying-off port is a theme which has always intrigued me. It is explored, to some extent, in the lovely, traditional ballad: 'The Gallant Frigate Amphitrate'; but I wanted to give the subject a rather more rollicking air. Before reliable steam-power only the most impatient, or intrepid captains would brave the treacherous Strait of Magellan.
  10. listen to sampleDown at the Sailor's Rest. I have attended canteen-auctions of deceased shipmates' kit. In order to ensure a generous donation to the widow, or next-of-kin, ridiculously large bids are made for items of little or no value; only to have the successful bidder return his purchase to be auctioned again -- and again!
  11. listen to sampleA Seaman's Hymn. I am indebted to Louis Killen for this version of the Bert Lloyd original, in which 'all our brave Tars' is substituted for 'all British Tars!' in order to embrace 'sea-dogs' everywhere.
  12. listen to sampleBUNTS!. This is a true (well almost!) story, from the time I was in HMS Striker in the early sixties! In true 'Showbiz' tradition the cover photo shows BUNTS portrayed by a female: 'Frisky' Morash! The gender may be incorrect, but the likeness is uncanny.