Snap the Line Tight

Words & Music by Vic Bell
(Recorded by Tom Lewis on Sea-Dog, See Dog!)

Got a halibut-boat, the opening is over,
The fish just weren't biting, our catch is way down,
We're salvagers now, there's logs waiting,
We just go snatch them off shore and we sell them in town. (and we ...)

Snap the line tight, haul her away!
Snap the line tight, she's rocking, she's free!
Snap the line tight, haul her away!
Slide 'em off into the sea.

She's a six-foot thick hemlock half-sunken in sand,
Gotta' dig out a hole to pass the line through,
Wrap her around; when she's tight and ready,
Then stand clear away while you signal the crew. (to ...)

And it's thirty-six hours we've been without sleep,
Got to boom them by dawn if we're making this tide,
It's a five hour haul, with a Nor'Wester blowing,
And a starboard-side swell for a bloody rough ride. (so ... )

And our back-desk's a mess of anchors and peaveys,
All sliding and tangled in cables and chain,
We're in the middle with pike poles and chokers,
To wrap the logs tight, so they're not lost again. (and we ... )

How many thousands of acres of forest,
Lie scattered and heaped by the wind and the tide?
The companies cut them; boomed them and lost them,
Then left them forever to rot where they lie. (but we ... )

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