Tiffy Song

Words & Music by Tom Lewis, Self-Propelled Music
(Recorded by Tom Lewis on Demand Performance)

Tiffies can make-do and Tiffies can mend,
They stick to the job, ‘til the job’s at an end.
With pliers and spanner, duct-tape and hammer,
A Tiffy can mend and make-do.

The Tiff needs a hair-cut, the Tiff needs a shave,
The Reggie can rant and the Reggie can rave,
The Tiff’s suit needs pressin’, his shoes they need shined,
The Jossman is livid, but the Chief Tiff don’t mind.

At the back of the boiler he’ll sweat and he’ll toil,
Or slave in the bilge, swimmin’ in oil,
Three elbows on each arm, six fingers each hand,
With the strength of a giant, he’s a real superman!

(Then) As soon as leave’s piped, well, the Tiffy’s ashore,
Surrounded by talent – pussy galore!
He’s debonair, devil-may-care, fancy-free.
All Tiffs are good-lookin’ … well, just look at me!

A Tiffy’s y’r shipmate through thick and through thin,
Dependable, honest, modest – that’s him!
A gentleman, scholar – a prince-among-men!
So drink to the Tiffies, and sing it again …

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