Trip Through Holyhead

Words & Music  Keiran Halpin Celtic Music
(Recorded by Tom Lewis on Demand Performance)

Fifty-three and the factoryís closing; thereís not enough work to go round,
My brother he stuck to the farming; I headed for London Town.
South Camden and Iím in my lodging; the room is both dirty and small,
But the landladyís simple and friendly; makes up for the damp on the wall
Makes up for the damp on the wall.

Seven-thirty a.m. in the morning; myself and the lads on the road,
The noise of the 'dozers is deafening; and the work is a sight to behold
And the sub is a gift sent from heaven; itíll bide me until I get paid
Itíll pay for the rent and the drinking and leave me a bit for to save.
And leave me a bit for to save.

Now Iíve worked for Laing and for Wimpey; Iíve been sent from Billy to Jack
Iíve worked till thereís nothing left in me; and Iíve worked till theyíve broken my back
Come payday Iím out on the banter; thereís not a lot else for to do,
Iíve sent a few bob to my parents; so the rest is for me and for you.
The rest is for me and for you

Come Christmas Iím standing in Euston; my brown leather suitcase in hand
The nine thirty waiting to take me; back over to sweet Inishmaan,
And itís out beyond Watford and Rugby; by Chester Iíve had my eight beer,
Past Bangor and the cold Straights of Menai; and finally Holyhead Pier.
And finally Holyhead Pier.

You would think the whole country of Erin; was waiting to get on the boat.
There was accents from Antrim to Kerry; from Westmeath to the high Hill of Howth,
And in no time weíre into Dun Laoghaire; with the dawn rising clear in the sky.
Iím on the last leg of my journey; itís hello to the fair Erin's Isle.
(Say) Hello to the fair Erin's Isle.

Thereís much jubilation and laughter; itís true that thereís no place like home,
With all of my friends and relations; but it's too soon I have to be going.
For thereís not enough work in this country; no thereís not enough land to go round,
So thousands of others just like me; are heading out for London Town.
Weíre heading out for London Town

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