St. Patrick's Song

Words and Music: Tom Lewis
(Recorded by Tom Lewis on 360 All Points of the Compass)

Now, in bygone days of yore, on Ireland's blessed shore,
A man got off the boat and raised his hat.
He said: If you need a patron, I'm sure I'd make a great one,
I'm very pleased to meet you; my name's Pat.

So drink a health to old St. Pat, no matter where you're at,
In Dublin town or far Amerikay.
North or South or East or West, do not argue who's the best,
If you're Irish celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

Now, in Erin's Isle so green, no snakes there can be seen,
St. Patrick came and chased them all away.
In the land of hills and bogs, there's lots of cats and dogs,
But no snakes are found in Ireland, so they say.

"Liffey Water" gurgles down lots of throats in Dublin town,
The Belfast bars are pumping "Caffery's" out.
There is "Jameson's" and "Bushmills" served from Galway to The Foothills,
But down in Cork they order "Murphy's Stout"!

Shake your neighbour by the hand, tell him you're an Irishman,
And on St. Patrick's Day you've cause to smile.
If you come from near Dundalk or south, by County Cork,
Just be thankful that you're from The Emerald Isle.

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