Shiver Me Timbers

Words & Music by Tom Waits
(Recorded by Tom Lewis on Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Singer!)

I'm leaving my family, leaving all my friends,
My body's at home but my heart's in the wind,
Where the clouds are like headlines on a new 'front-page' sky,
My tears are saltwater the moon's full and high.

And I know Martin Eden's going to be proud of me,
Many before me have been called by the sea,
To be up in the crow's-nest, singing my lay,
Shiver m' timbers, I'm sailing away.

And the fog's lifting, the sand's shifting, I'm drifting to sea,
Old Captain Ahab ain't got nothing on me,
Swallow me, don't follow me, travelling alone,
Blue water's my daughter, going to skip like a stone.

Please call my 'missus', tell her not to cry,
My goodbyes are written by the moon in the sky,
Nobody knows me, can't fathom my staying,
Shiver m' timbers, I'm sailing again.

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