Radio Times

Words & Music by Tom Lewis
(Recorded by Tom Lewis on 360 All Points of the Compass)

We listened to the radio when we were girls and boys,
Our Mums and Dads said modern tunes were "Now't but dreadful noise."
Still we kept the wireless on to hear our favourite songs,
We learned the words as best we could and then we sang along,
With Bill Haley and The Comets, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee,
Gene Vincent, Buddy Holly and the Brothers Everley,
They showed us new horizons, opened up a brand world,
And The Beach Boys introduced us all to California Girls.

So - Join us in the song, raise your voice and sing along,
Like our ancestors before us, when it comes round to the chorus:
Find the key or harmony and join us in the song.

Then John, Paul, George and Ringo gave us back our native voice,
The Hollies and The Rolling Stones offered us a choice,
The "folk scare" of the sixties said that everyone should sing,
And if you had a hammer you should make that hammer ring.
Peter, Paul and Mary proved new songs could still be found,
The Mommas and The Poppas hit us with "The West Coast Sound",
Then drums and Stratocasters put folk music in the news,
The times were changing, freedom just meant nothing left to lose - so:

Ewan sang the fishing and the travelling people's life,
Bert gave us old ballads full of sorrow, love and strife,
Young Tradition and The Coppers sang us glories of our past,
Old Stan recalled the shanties and his time before the mast.
Cyril sang the other side of life upon the seas,
Keith brought us a barrel filled with rousing harmonies,
Martin told us of "The Famous Flower of Serving Men",
Stan found "The Northwest Passage" was the road back home again - so:

The songs that stand the test of time will ring down through the years,
Some of them will bring you joy, while others bring you tears,
Some speak of new tomorrows or of good times past and gone,
And them that's worth the singing are the ones worth passing on,
But never tell your kids you think their music's "now't but noise",
Or you'll seem like a dinosaur to modern girls and boys.
Mind you teach your children well - and teach your grandkids too,
Then someday they'll be standing here and singing just like you.

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