Blow the Man Down

Words & Music: Traditional
(Recorded by Tom Lewis on 360 All Points of the Compass)

I'm a deep water sailor who'll do you know wrong
Refrain: Way.....hey....., blow the man down
Buy me a drink and I'll sing you a song
Refrain: Give me some time to blow the man down.

As I was a-rollin' down Paradise Street
A Liverpool 'copper' I chanced for to meet.

He sez;"I see you're a black-baller by the cut of your hair,
And those long red-topped, sea-boots I see that you wear.

You sails on some packet that flies the Black Ball
And you've robbed some poor Dutchman of clothes, boots and all."

I said, "Mister Policeman, you do me great wrong,
I'm a flying fish sailor just home from Hong Kong!"

So, I knocked off his cap and I swung at his jaw,
He said:" Look 'ere, young fella, you're breaking the law!"

So they gave me six months down in old Walton Gaol,
And for fighting policemen they won't give you bail.

So come all you young sailors that follows the sea,
Don't fight with policemen or you'll end up like me.

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