All At Sea

Words & Music by Tom Lewis
(Recorded by Tom Lewis on Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Singer!)

What's a sailor doing here - so far from the ocean?
Don't you think dry land is queer? Don't you miss the motion?
Where you ever in Bombay? How far did you sail each day?
I wish I could be far away and all at sea.

It seems so strange but 'all at sea' means different things to you and me,
To you it only means: confused; - to me it means being free.

Did you ever have a bird - riding on your shoulder?
Lines from squinting in the sun make you seem much older.
If you did it all again - would your life be just the same?
Mine's been wasted, full of pain - I'm all at sea.

Yet in my youth I heard the call, I dreamed I'd go to Montreal,
Just find a ship and stow-away and never come back here.

I never left the way you'll leave - flying like a seagull,
You don't know how much I'll grieve, want to be an eagle,
So I'll stay here in dry land's grip, you'll move on - abandon ship,
But in my heart I'll make that trip - though no-one else will see,
A sailor man, that's me - and all at sea.

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