A Few Good Men

Words & Music: Tom Lewis

Recorded by Tom Lewis on 360 - All Points of the Compass

Somewhere out there there's just a few good women who are looking for a few good men
Me and the boys make a lotta noise but we act like gentlemen
We've been on the road, ain't had no loving since we can't remember when
We're looking for a few good women who are looking for a few good men.

Now the guy on the drums might look like a bum but that's just the way drummers are.
This here's my brother he's a heck of a lover and he plays the lead guitar.
The kid on the bass got a pretty face but he's old enough to vote,
And if you like my style, gimme a smile and pass me up a note

If your boyfriend's around, don't put him down, you're better off with the devil you know.
If you're free you might be for me and we could talk about if after the show.
I can't promise you love, I can't promise you truth, I can't promise you a big gold mine,
But if you like to dance and you want to take a chance I can promise you a real good time.


Now, some of the boys are married but they don't wear no disguise,
They got a golden band, third finger left hand and contentment in their eyes.
Some of us wanna be lovers, others just wanna be friends,
We're lookin' for a few good women who are lookin' for a few good men.

Now, don't get me wrong if I'm comin' on strong but I don't have a whole lotta time.
If you're out there wave your hand in the air, show me that you're gonna be mine.

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