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Message In The Bottle

A whole quarter of a century before David Attenborough's BLUE PLANET II arrived, this song - occasioned by a visit to a seemingly pristine beach in Mexico - was my take on the problem of our 'throwaway civilization' and 'global pollution'. I'd love to say that times have changed and things are better but; sadly; only one of those statements is true. Listen to Message In The Bottle here.

Catching up - very late in the day - with modern technology: herewith is a sampling of some of my performances(over the past decade and more); which various people have captured and mounted; on the, ubiquitous, video streaming website.

Llantrisant Folk Club            Sailor’s Consolation, Ex-Sailor’s Life and the COMPLETE edition of Last Shanty!
Chicago Maritime Festival    Nassau Bound … yes, you DO know the chorus!
Chicago Maritime Festival    Robert Louis Stevenson’s: Christmas At Sea … one of my ‘most requested’ pieces.
Mystic Sea Music Festival    Bully In The Alley (channelling Stan Hugil).
Gloucester Concert              Towrope Girls (Cicely Fox-Smith).
Chants Marins - St. Jean Port Joli, Quebec    All At Sea.

                ... there are dozens (scores?) of others. If you're interested ... start searching.

Tom Lewis

Radio Interview

Tom was interviewed on CKUA (Calgary) by Tom Coxworth, host of the long-running FOLK ROUTES programme. Here are the three segments of the show with the two "Tom"s in conversation, interspersed by songs from all over the "Folk map".

Folk Routes February 19, 2012 Segment 1

Folk Routes February 19, 2012 Segment 2

Folk Routes February 19, 2012 Segment 3

Fair Winds and a Following Sea

Here's a song you may want to use to say farewell to a friend. Please help yourself and either learn and sing the song, or play it, whenever/wherever/however you wish. There are no royalties applicable, or desired.

Fairwinds is now available on The Song Goes On CD (with Qftry), but is also available here for free download.

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Princes in the Line - now available on Demand Performance (Studio)

Anyone looking for a sea-shanty has come to the wrong place!

Let me state, straight away, that this song is no form of criticism of any member of an actual royal family … the House of Windsor, or any other.

When I became aware of the statistics re. service in current areas of combat (actually, LACK of service in current areas of combat) by family members of US senators, US congresspersons, US federal judiciary and US government (White House) administration; I was incensed. The record shows not much greater participation amongst the political and financial elites on either side of the Atlantic!

Even cursory research shows that; almost without exception; in every war, until the conflict in Vietnam, there was some sense of 'noblesse oblige' amongst the ruling classes - even in the supposedly classless American society.

European history is replete with examples of monarchs and nobles (or their children and relatives) not just joining the fight; but actually leading it. To do less would have invited their supporters to doubt the value of the struggle and question its validity.

In the First World War (the Great War - the War to End War) the casualty lists - wounded, but mostly dead - of the European combatants, were heavily biased toward the upper and middle classes. In 1917 the Headmistress of Bournemouth High School for Girls made a chilling announcement to her sixth form: "I have come to tell you a terrible fact. Only one out of ten of you girls can ever marry ... Nearly all the men who might have married you have been killed. You will have to make your way in the world as best you can." Winston Churchill; in political disgrace following the debacle of the Gallipoli campaign; served (as an army officer) in the trenches of Flanders These were the leaders who actually LED!

As late as WW II, Joseph Kennedy (American Ambassador to the Court of St. James at the outbreak of war, and extremely antipathetic to the British cause) made no effort to prevent his sons from serving in the armed forces of the United States, and abjured the use of his influence to protect them whilst they did so. This caused him to lose his firstborn son, and created a 'crown prince', and eventual President of the United States of America.

If our current crop of wars are worth fighting; then how is it that the members of our society who most benefit are the least involved at 'the sharp end'? "

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