Ahoy there - and welcome to my home page.

To celebrate my (rapidly disappearing in the rear-view mirror) 75th birthday, I am currently touring..........

Photo: Derek Catley,
            Black Diamond - used by permission
Photos: Derek Catley, Black Diamond - used by permission
Photo: Derek Catley

(Thats just about two sets!)

Id call it a show, but that might imply a rehearsed script and set-list. Rather, its a set of reminiscences, accompanied by (more or less) appropriate songs.
It starts off almost as early as I have memories to recall; through my first visits - in 1961 - to the HOWFF FOLK CLUB, in Dunfermline, a 24-year stint as an engineer in Royal Naval (diesel) submarines; a 30-year sojourn in the mountains of British Columbia, and touring almost everywhere in North America; returning to the UK in 2013; with the ambition of keeping the show on the road for (as much I can of) my fourth quarter-century.
Over the next year or so, Ill be bringing 75/75 to as many clubs and festivals as I can cajole into having me.
Ill hope thats somewhere near you.