Poles Apart

Poles Apart

Self-Propelled Music. ASM105D (2001)
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Click on listen to sample to listen to a sample of the song. Click on the song title to see the lyrics.

  1. listen to sample Northwest Passage (Stan Rogers) A Canadian National Anthem for folks like us.
  2. listen to sample Saltpetre Shanty (Trad.)  A capstan shanty, from the South American guano trade.
  3. listen to sample Rio Grande (Trad.) A capstan shanty and outward bound song, referring to Rio Grande do (del) Sul, Brazil.
  4. listen to sample Randy Dandy O! (Trad.) "...a capstan and pump song, heard mainly on the old Cape-Horners." (Hugill)
  5. listen to sample Round the Corner, Sally (Trad.) This song is mentioned in Richard Henry Dana's "Two Years Before the Mast".
  6. listen to sample "The Transports" Shanty (Peter Bellamy) From the ballad opera THE TRANSPORTS by an icon of the British Folk Revival.
  7. listen to sample Heave Away, M'Johnnies (Trad.) The great-great-aunt of our friend (and tireless researcher) Bob Webb, of Maine; emigrated from Liverpool to New York in 1862, aboard the ship William Tapscott.
  8. listen to sample Liverpool Judies (Trad.) "A capstan song (of Irish origin) in Liverpool shops, popular in the Western Ocean Packets." (Hugill)
  9. listen to sample Stormy/Walk Him Along, John (Trad.) One of the many variants of this pumping shanty.
  10. listen to sample Roll the Woodpile Down (Trad.) "...one of many (southern U.S.A.) rivermen songs that reached deep-water." (Hugill)
  11. listen to sample The Wreck of the Nancy Lee (A. LeClerq) A music-hall song, popular in the first half of the 20th Century.
  12. listen to sample Bear Away, Yankee (Trad./C. Edwards) Based on Roger Abram's: Deep the Water, Shallow the Shore. We're indebted to Craig Edwards, of the group Forebiter, for this piece.
  13. listen to sample Marchin' Inland (Tom Lewis) From an idea given to Tom by Homer - NOT Bart's Dad!
  14. listen to sample Get Up Jack, John, Sit Down (E.Harrigan/D.Braham) This song reflects the way land-sharks treated poor sailors.
  15. listen to sample One More Day (Trad.) "...sung at both windlass and pumps ...a favourite with Yankee crews." (Hugill)
  16. listen to sample Leave Her Johnny (Trad.) A song for warping the ship alongside or for the final pumping out of the bilges, prior to paying-off. The order: "That'll do!" signaled the end of all work and permission to leave the ship.